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The last few months have honestly been some of the most bizarre of my life. I've lost people that I thought were friends, I've become closer to people that I knew but now know so much better and I've suddenly learnt the art of saying 'no'!

This time last year I was physically in the best shape of my adult life, I had managed to convince my wayward horse 'Ted' that he'd like to be an eventer and he was showing great promise. I had an event season planned out and Badminton Grassroots was my aim..... Fast forward 12 months and Ted is retired in the field after one outing last year and i'm a stone heavier! 

I haven't done a BE event now since May 2016...and even that one I didn't finish! I feel like I've been on the sidelines for quite a while now...can I even still do it? Ted's injury last year started a downward spiral that I didn't even realise I was on. If my life was a pair of scales then it was totally tipped one way but I couldn't see it at all....not until I fell off that bloody bridge! I'm not going to talk about that too much here -  Tick Tocks Road To Recovery will fill you in if you'd like to know! But the upshot is, I was doing rather a lot for other people and convincing myself that it was for my enjoyment too...

One of my friends shared this on facebook and I think it sums up how I felt after my mishap with Tick Tock quite nicely...


When the gas ran out about a week after our fall, there was a few that got out, flagged down the next car and jumped in with them instead! This said, there's been some almighty good pushers among my friends and I am so grateful to you all...

So, i'm here, priorities have shifted round and now it's about getting on with it. I had a lesson on Tangie (big coloured baby horse on homepage) on Tuesday, with the lady that i've gone to for training for the last several years...I haven't had a lesson for about 11 months and I nearly cancelled this one too...but I thought to myself if I don't do it now, I'm going to convince myself that I can't do it anymore...even though I quite like being a 'Happy Hacker' !! So I did, and I loved it, although I still can't walk particularly well and it's now Thursday...

I'm going to post my ramblings on this 'blog' page, along with any product testing i'm doing for the business or anything else I'd like to tell you about. I will also use it as a diary for what Tangie and I are getting up to - it'll be nice to be able to look back on what we've achieved over the year. I'll also keep you updated on my weight-loss's my sisters wedding in October and right now I very much feel like 'the frumpy older one'! 

Much love 

Liz xxxx


  • I think we’ve all been there Liz ??? xx ?

    Jennifer Martin on

  • Love this!! You have been so strong over the past months an I personally can say I feel privileged to know you and im I glad you aren’t now looking forward and not back!! Keep your chin up and “kick on!!” Xx

    Danielle WAlker on

  • I think we’ve all been there Liz ??? xx ?

    Jennifer Martin on

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