Grief....and changes

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On friday, 6 months will have passed since the bridge incident. I no longer worry about the decision I made to save Tick Tock. He's out in the field, stuffing his face with grass and apart from the three big scars on his leg you'd never know. The vet bill never reached a figure where I could have replaced him instead of saved him - so all those that said 'you could have bought a new horse instead' were wrong ;). Well I could have....but it wouldn't have been half the horse he is.

Tick Tock Stood in the field with horseware Ireland amigo rug

So in 6 months what have I learnt... probably the same thing that you learn every time something out of the ordinary happens. Life is short, you have to live it. It's too short to worry about what people think, what they say, what they cryptically write in their facebook posts... This time, I've got better at that, and i'm proud of myself for it because it used to bother me a lot. I've made my circle smaller, but in that circle are the best friends a girl could ask for, you know who you are ladies.

And then I learned what real grief is. I've been very fortunate in my adult life, until now I've not lost anyone really close to me or someone I personally deeply cared for. The closest I have come to it is when people close to me have lost people close to them. One of my very best friends lost her Dad and I was, and still am sad for her. When my husbands Grandfather died who he was very close to, my sadness was for him, although I knew and cared for Granda, my pain was seeing how hurt Mr P was - who usually shows very little emotion at all. So when we said goodbye to the most wonderful lady in the world, I learned what grief is. Not only am I desperately sad for her family, her husband of over 30 years and her children and grandchildren, I lost a very dear friend too. Angie Scott defined the word inspiration. She fought a long hard battle with cancer, but if you didn't know her, you wouldn't have known. She was a true horsewoman, her horses adored her. When baby Tangie (who Angie bred) and I won the coloured championship at Penrith show as a green 4 year old and we had to go into the main arena for the supreme horse championship. Riding through the hustle and bustle to the ring made him a little worried. She ran her hand down his neck and said 'come on boy' he relaxed instantly and without hesitation or being led, he just followed her calmly into the ring.  I told her frequently how grateful I was to her and Mike for Tangie, he is very special and I'm very lucky.

She was a Lady, and like many others, I will miss her greatly.

Breeder Angie Scott and Tangie (So Tangelo) as a 3 year old

Angela Scott and So Tangelo (Tangie) as a youngster 


Angie always told me I was doing too much and that before I knew it my kids would be grown up and I wouldn't know where the years had gone. A couple of months ago an opportunity came along that I didn't expect and it made me make a big business decision. I have decided to let the WOW saddles side of the business be taken over by another WOW fitter who is already well established and moving 'back up North'. This is completely a personal based decision rather than a business based one, and what I mean by that is, although from a business point of view it's a very large part of the companies income, I am spreading myself too thinly and I need to spend less time travelling and working and more time at home with my family. Life is short and precious and it isn't only about how much money is in the bank... although it may be beans more regularly from now on :) 

L xxx


  • What a lovely tribute to a beautiful lady…..Angie was friend to many people, loved and so well respected in the equine world and she would be very proud of you and Tangie xxx

    Alli on

  • Grief is one of the hardest things we will all have to cope with at some stage in our lives, as yet for me it’s still a difficult process. But you can always rely on family and the right kind of friends to help through these hard times. Angie will be so proud of you Liz and will be watching Tangie grow into the horse she new he can be.xx

    Barbara on

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