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A question that I get asked all the time - 'Do your kids ride'? Until fairly recently, the answer was no. My daughter dabbled in it a little bit, did a bit on the lead rein but lost interest. Probably because we didn't get her the right pony at the right time (selfish is my middle name....) But it would seem this has all changed now, and during half term I spent the week running round after two kids and two ponies......

The Pony Club Mother...... yes, I am now one of these mythical creatures. Much criticized by others at times, I can tell you now it is no easy task. On Saturday gone, as part of 'Mini Camp' I spent a good portion of the day running around a field jumping over miniature cross country jumps, trying to avoid tripping over and breaking my ankle, sweating profusely and wishing my boobs were at least three sizes smaller.... My son, aged 5 and one of few boys in the pony club and being the youngest by a good few years, had managed to create his own fan club as he insisted I run faster, made me lead him through the water jump and then announcing 'i'll just jump that one now' to his instructor... He laughed with delight going over the jumps and at the end of his lesson, thanked his instructor before turning to me and saying, 'fast as you can back to the wagon now mum'.....

I lay in the bed in the wagon that night utterly exhausted, but the most painful part of my body was my face. We had laughed and smiled all day and all evening. The kids had enjoyed their ponies all day, riding and learning and supporting each other when things didn't quite go to plan and then in the evening had played for hours together, kids aged from 4 to 13. We stuffed ourselves with pizza and goodies, the adults indulged in a few beverages of the alcoholic variety before getting very little sleep in tents (not me, I was sensible and brought my wagon!). Not an ipad or phone in sight and by the time they'd finished playing with the showjumps after pizza they were all soaked from the rain!

So yes, we might have a bit of an unfair reputation, but do you know what? So far, being a Pony Club Mum is just the best fun...

L x



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