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Hanging around in the aftermath of events that change your life is a really weird place to be. You seem to take a few steps forwards followed by a giant leap back, and then a giant leap forwards and a few steps back. You also get sick of playing that emotional ping pong in your own head. So when you're really fed up and on the brink of closing your business because you've had enough of all the 'cattiness' and the handful of people who want nothing more than for you to fail, you come up with a plan. A plan that is going to cost you a fortune, possibly generate no further income but will build a 'Team' of like minded people who want to have fun, encourage and support each other, and bring a bit of joy and friendship back to a world which can sometimes get a bit hung up on not being very nice, the horse world! 

And so #TeamRideRight was born. Yes, the teamies do promote products that Ride Right Equestrian sells - but they are also promoting products that they use and believe in too! The only real rules that we have are that the horse ALWAYS comes first (no matter how annoyed you are you NEVER take it out on your horse), that you accept that there will be good days and bad days and you celebrate on the good days and try and laugh on the bad ones.. and that you try and make it to the Teamie Socials, they do tend to involve alcohol, food and lots of laughs.

There are 3 sponsored riders, our super star junior Maisie Greening and then our top of the shop girls Sam Arthur-Magennis and Nikki Graham. Sam and Nikki have both been a tremendous support to me over the last few years, both with the business and personally and I rely heavily on their opinion and expertise in all kinds of ways!

The Teamies for this year were chosen by Sam, Nikki, myself and someone else who shall remain nameless! It was an impossibly hard job but so far everybody has fitted in just as expected. I haven't told them yet but they're going to take it in turns to write a weekly round up of what's been going on (!!!!)

Well done for getting this far - as it's Badminton week there's free postage on everything until Sunday 5th May 2019! 

Hope you all have a great week with your horses - It was a mixed bag for #TeamRideRight last weekend (see facebook update!) so we will see what the report says next week!


Liz xx


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