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***Taken from Majyk Equipe's Own website***

Majyk Equipe is a California USA Horse Protection and Equestrian Lifestyle company that specializes in original, innovative designs and technologies.

Our story began because we couldn’t find what we needed for our own horses. We were lucky enough to have had careers in sporting goods manufacturing that gave us access to top design teams and  materials not usually available for equine products. With years of experience designing highly technical human athletic gear, we realized that we could apply the same key principles to the equine world and make a difference. Its no coincidence that many of our materials are chosen by the leading sports manufacturers in the world. Traditionally, human athletes have warranted much more research and development than our equine partners, meaning that human sports equipment is light years ahead of the average materials used for horses. 

At Majyk Equipe we are changing all that. Where long standing natural materials are the best choice, we will use them. Where there is clearly a better alternative we will choose it, As horse owners ourselves, we know the misery of horse injury both emotionally and financially. There are better choices. We choose better.

We prefer to use superior eco-friendly products, even if they cost us more. It’s why all our liners are neoprene free, our construction techniques require more steps and our ground breaking technologies lead the way in the industry.

It’s why you’ll never find exact duplicates of our products. While others put their brand names on mass produced ‘off the shelf’ items, we are busy inventing, engineering, designing and sourcing our originals. Because we’re unique, you will never find identical boots with a different brand name. Unlike older brands, we were born in the internet age. This allows us to make world class products that won't break the bank with layers of distributors and middlemen adding to the price. Customers seek us out and buy again and again.  Top ranked athletes approach us to get involved. Riders around the globe are taking notice.

We have the experience of yesterday and the modernity of today.

Get Ready to Believe in Majyk.

 Watch for yourself....

Majyk Equipe Elite XC Boots Front
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